Not only limoncello

With the sweet temptations of Piaceri mediterranei Piemme you give a story, a place, a time.

In the setting of incomparable beauty that is the Sorrento Peninsula, deep in the of the Land of the Sirens, the Piemme Piacere Mediterraneo is born.

The traditional cultivation with the “pagliarelle” method, in the sunny citrus groves overlooking the sea, produces IGP certified lemons, which give the aroma and the sweet scent of a centuries-old fertile land: taste temptations for every moment of the day, they are to be enjoyed on their own or as part of an exclusive cocktail.

In our own prestigious artisan pastry kitchen, all the processes that go into the creation of Babà take place by hand: only natural ingredients are used to create soft masterpieces in the refined Neapolitan tradition, deliciously flavored with our liqueurs: an irresistible combination of sweetness and fragrance, is to be enjoyed through these most delicious recipes.

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