All payments are absolutely secure on

The forms of accepted payments are:

1) Advance Bank Transfer

Banking details: Banca Sella spa - Sorrento agenncy (Na)
Current Account/routeing number: Iban IT77C0326840261000216867290
Purchasing Process: Order on line + order number.

After having carried out the payment please send a copy of the transfer via mail at in order be able to follow through with the order.

2) Credit Card

The only cards accepted are those attached to the Visa-Mastercard-American Express circuit. This store uses GestPay, the system utilized by Banca Sella for credit card payments made online. The credit card information including dates and account numbers will be sent to Banca Sella through a secure server which utilizes the protocol SSL3 at 128 bits, the highest standard for sending sensitive information through the internet. The protocol SSL is issued , certified and guaranteed by Verisign. And so, all relative data to the credit card come processed exclusively to Banca Sella and ran through the necessary controls to authorize the payment online. Therefore, the shopkeeper themselves will not have access to the relative data on the card, but will still have the necessary information (name, last name, address…) to send the purchased products to your home. One specifies this to avoid mistakes in payments with credit cards which will only be accepted if the owner of the card is the one that has made the order.

3) Paypal

The system of payment Paypal is very used on the Internet and permits a safe payment with credit card by registration of the user to the Paypal system. This service is managed by eBay. The connection to the Bank servers and the privacy of the own information are totally guaranted.

4) Pick & Pay

For any doubt feel free to contact us.