About us

PIEMME – Piacere Mediterraneo is a modern company, leader in the agro-food and liqueur sector, which produces Limoncello, Babà and its specialties respecting tradition: every taste of its products becomes a messenger of the radiance and authenticity that the Peninsula has always cultivated.

The passion for territorial traditions and the care for the genuineness of its ingredients pushes PIEMME to follow all the stages of the production chain, from the cultivation, harvesting and peeling of the lemon to the infusion and bottling, which take place in the internal laboratory. Equal care is given to the production of confectionery specialties, in the artisanal internal pastry laboratory.

PIEMME – Piacere Mediterraneo was founded in 1969 on the initiative of Sorrentine artisans dedicated to the production of lemon-based confectionery specialties and the more traditional Limoncello. Based on this historic recipe, handed down from family to family, and thanks to innovative technological know-how, since 1986 the typical infusion of Sorrento lemon peels, together with baba, has become the product and pride of PIEMME.