"Tris Agrumeto" Limoncello di Sorrento 50 cl-Citrus Liqueur 50 cl & 2 Ceramic Glass Piemme

PM 0030000N

Limoncello di Sorrento Lemon Liqueur "the original" 50 cl + Citrus Liqueur 50 cl & 2 Ceramic Glass Piemme

Limoncello - THE GOLD OF SORRENTO: In the Sorrento Peninsula the production of lemon liqueur dates back to ancient times and is still carried out today with a transformation system that preserves the artisanal and traditional methods of the area, handed down to the present day. PIEMME, since 1986, is the undisputed leader in the production of Limoncello which, rightly, can be considered the Gold of Sorrento.
The collection of Sorrento lemons is carried out strictly by hand, to prevent the fruit from being damaged, and precedes a series of processes, aimed at producing the Limoncello, which PIEMME carries out within its own company.
In fact, the infusion phase in pure alcohol and beet sugar (without any additives, syrup or sweetener), the extraction of the skins from the containers (where the precious infusion remains) and bottling are carried out in about 4-7 days. in the internal laboratory of PIEMME, a true bulwark of craftsmanship but characterized by technological innovation and strict quality controls.

Citrus: The combination of fresh flavors and intense aromas of the citrus fruits of the Sorrento Peninsula make the Piemme citrus a product of extraordinary uniqueness. Orange, mandarin and lemon come together in this Piemme liqueur with strong Mediterranean notes.

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Denomination IGP
Category Sorrento Liqueur
Alcohol Limoncello 32 °

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