Babà Sorrento in Rhum Syrup in Large Jar 3150 Gr Piemme

PM 0061203

Babà au Rhum in Large jar

At Rhum. The combination of the soft mix of baba and the sweet scent of rum make this traditional dessert an inviting temptation.

For the most demanding and greedy, our Baba au rhum, limoncello and all'agrumello are also offered in maxi package.
A precious stock of baba to never run out, and also to surprise our guests

Our babas are made in the company by the expert hands of our pastry cook, following a recipe that boasts 50 years of history. The babà, in fact, is the symbol of the Neapolitan tradition dessert which in rum variants, limoncello or agrumello represents a typical excellence made in Italy.
Thanks to the properties of alcohol baba Piemme is a product with no preservatives, natural ingredients of a simple recipe but suitable for any palate. A dessert that can be eaten straight from the jar or served as part of a more elaborate dessert.

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Category Babà di Sorrento
Alcohol 14°

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